Tax Consulting

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT-related questions become increasingly important, however, especially small and medium-sized companies often underestimate these questions in a dramatic way. Additional taxes from VAT tax audits meanwhile often exceed additional taxes from regular tax audits.

As cross-border trade with goods and services has increased significantly, it is essential to be aware of the tax obligations related thereto. Intra-Community supplies, for example, require specific and extremely extensive documentation, which is very difficult to make available in case of an audit if special arrangements have not already been made beforehand.

Formal mistakes regarding VAT immediately lead to extra financial burden and usually incur interest accrues. As this is a matter of mass postings, the tax burden deriving therefrom is usually substantial and might even pose a threat to a company's existence.

We give you support when it comes to shaping your VAT-related processes regarding national and international supplies and services to be legally compliant, thus preventing you from subsequent sales tax charges.