Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting for Companies

We mainly give you support in facing the challenges your day-to-day business confronts you with. One of the central points of our consulting activity are topics such as financial accounting as well as the accounting of wages and salaries. Our clients include companies from Germany and abroad, which means that one of our core competences is to find solutions for cross-border matters.

When keeping financial accounts for our clients, it goes without saying that our approach always bears in mind future issues right from the beginning. Via web portal our clients have constant access to their financial and payroll accounting data and deliver their accounting documents in digital form. The advantage of this system is that via our portal you can always have a look at the current status of your financial accounts. Furthermore, additional controlling reports are available at any time. Another advantage is that you can also immediately access the development of the open items.

We prepare your financial statements in accordance with commercial law and transfer these statements into the tax balance sheeets. Thereafter, we will electronically transmit these tax balance sheets to the tax authority in charge, in accordance with the requirements for electronic transmission of financial statements. We are also at your disposal in case of any required international reporting.