Process and Restructuring Consulting

Liquidity Management

Don’t wait until you feel the pain of the crisis in your pocket!


The best crisis prevention is effective management. This particularly comprises liquidty management.

A benchmark liquidity management contributes to competitive advantages in any environmet.

Yet in a crisis, it can even make the difference. The lack of liquidity management very often results in the need of restructuring and insolvency consulting. On the other hand, in positive economic cycles good liquidity management is preparing solid ground against the next downcycle or crisis, so to say being your shield to secure your competitive edge.

The importance of liquidity and its management are often underestimated. In a crisis the prioritization of profitability and liquidity shifts: liquidity becomes even more important than normally. This is a special communication and leadership challenge, as a liquidity crisis often leads to irritations especially among employees. Furthermore, a psychological perception asymmetry is reinforcing those effects in your staff: One supplier being paid late, weighs ultimatively more than the outstanding debts of ten customers.

The lack of liquidity indeed is harder an insolvency reason than the lack of profitability. Therefore at iNUX Meyer & Partner we devote highest attention to liquidity planning in stable phases as well.

With our approach, we ensure the effective use of your resources. This optimizes among others the following aspects:

  • Increase in financial cushion
  • Effective and strategy-aligned investment decisions
  • Integration of information from planning, financial statements and cash flow
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Optimization of fixed assets
  • Tax optimization