Mergers & Acquisitions


Value is the goal.

The enterprise value is the target of value-oriented corporate management. We help you to bring value and values in line.

In the context of a going concern, three main triggers for corporate valuations can be isolated:

  • Business Triggers
  • Personal Triggers
  • Legal Triggers

The business triggers include considerations for strategic or financial advantages. Examples are the acquisition and sale of companies, mergers, or business divisions (split-up, split-off or spin-off).

Personal triggers arise in the context of business succession or family asset allocation, (e.g. divorce or settlement of an estate).

The legal triggers include severance payments, e.g. under the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz).

In the context of repeated losses, crises, capital needs, restructuring or insolvency, the approach to the value determination are understandably different from "going concern" ratings.