IT Consulting

Selection and Introduction of an ERP System

It’s terrible making up your mind when there’s so much to choose from. There are innumerable ERP systems available on the market.


The introduction of a new ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a challenge for every company. Even to make the decision if a new ERP system should be introduced or whether a further development of the existing system environment should be preferred often is not an easy question to answer.

We give you support when it comes to select the IT system appropriate for you. We will do this by developing the relevant system specifications for the intended solution and this in cooperation between you and our interdisciplinary team of technical and professional experts. In the course of the project we will support you in obtaining and evaluating the respective offers. We will compare the offered solutions with regard to the cost-benefit ratio and, in addition to the current purchase costs, will also take into account the expected maintenance costs of the solutions being offered. This way we will ensure the chosen solution will be of long-term benefit to you.

In case it should be more advantageous for you to further develop your existing IT system environment, we will also gladly be at your disposal with a competent team of experts.