Governance, Risk and Compliance

Internal Risk Management Systems


An essential basis of a “good and responsible” corporate governance is an effective internal risk management for early identification of relevant company risks as well as effective internal monitoring systems assuring an adequate and responsible handling of such risks.

The early identification and control of strategic and operational risks as well as external, financial and compliance risks and its monitoring by well-informed, professional oversight bodies like Supervisory Board, Advisory Board or Shareholders’ meeting is of particular importance within the corporate governance.

An efficient risk management requires linking of strategic and operational risk management with internal controlling systems, particularly with the planning processes. Not least of all, in order to comply with the new view of opportunity management and recognition of positive deviations from objectives also.

We provide you with support in implementation of an internal risk management system and in analyses, optimization and further development of your existing risk management system. Our services, amongst others, include:

  • Establishment and implementation of a risk management framework based, for instance, on the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework,
  • Integration of the risk management system in existing internal control systems,
  • Implementation, analyses and further development of all necessary steps of a modern risk management process including identification, categorization, evaluation, controlling and monitoring, risk reporting, assessment of the risk situation as well as documentation and reporting on necessary measures for the further development and improvement of the risk management system,
  • Development of a system and approach with evaluation of the effectiveness of the risk management system,
  • Selection and implementation of software solutions in the area of risk management.