Governance, Risk and Compliance

Compliance Management Systeme


Compliance with legislation and coporate policies and regulations are an essential basis of a sustainable corporate governance.

Even if there is currently no need to establish a compliance management system due to legal requirements, the necessity to take care of an adequate compliance management results at least from the general obligations and organizational duties of the company’s board members. The jurisdiction of current compliance cases also hints towards tighter rules of liability for the responsible managers of a company but on the other hand shows a release from liability in case of an effective compliance management system with clear assignment of responsibilities.

A modern, effective compliance management is individually and holistically designed and is not determined by the size of a company’s compliance-organization. Rather, it has to be integrated into the existing organizational structures and business processes and supports both management and employees in their daily business activities. It is seen as necessary and helpful and not as excessive burden: thus “Compliance”, in fact, lives within informal, invisible company’s structures and is integrated in existing procedures, visible processes and organizational structures. In order to achieve this, there is a need for corporate governance of a company, being based on transparency and integrity and not a management style formed by the „three wise monkeys“: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

We support you in the development and implementation of new or in analyses, further development and auditing of existing compliance management systems. We will do this by providing the following service, amongst others:

  • Development and establishment of concepts in order to promote the corporate culture as well as analyses and further development of existing concepts of corporate culture,
  • Analyses and documentation of relevant compliance areas, including the process steps being necessary for carrying out a risk assessment of significant compliance risks,
  • Concept design and establishment of new as well as analyses and further development of existing compliance management controls or subsystems, e.g. in the area of anti-trust compliance, including co-sourcing and organization of trainings,
  • Concept design and establishment of a new as well as analyses and further development of existing whistleblower systems,
  • Performance of internal investigations or co-sourcing in this process,
  • Concept design, implementation, analyses, further development and auditing of the compliance management system in accordance with the German audit standard IDW PS 980,
  • Selection and implementation of software solutions in the area of compliance management