Strategy and Business Management

There is no shortage of good ideas, yet there are shortcomings in their implementation.
(management experience)

The basis of our service for you is our understanding of management, which has been proven by personal professional experience. On the basis of best practices, scientific knowledge and methods as well as on our own experience, we bring your values and your value creation in line.

In everything we do, we are aware that there is no shortage of good ideas, there are only deficiencies in their implementation.

The management from an economic point of view is influenced by four main drivers and 8 main principles, which have proven themselves effective in practice of successful business organizations.



Communication is a key skill in modern corporate management. It makes the difference between efficiency and waste of resources and thus between achievement or failure. This applies to all stakeholders, both internally and externally.

I've heard you say you had heard,

I had said that this was true,

but I said, as I had heard,

that you had already said better,

what I haven‘t said, … only said:

that is absolutely not true.

(Translated excerpt from "The Dead Sea" (Das Tote Meer) by Gerhard Falkner, quoted from Hölderlin Reparatur, Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2008)


We at iNUX Meyer & Partner do not communicate in circles!

Our modern controlling instruments give you the right information on time and provide transparency and target achievement to all stakeholders. We offer you assistance in communicating and negotiating with your stakeholders at all levels, such as shareholders' meetings, steering committees, strategy workshops, operational workshops, bank communications, investment files, collective agreements, substantial negotiations with suppliers, authorities, etc.