Management Consulting

Only the effective use transforms resources into results. This is especially important for „soft resources“ such as imagination, intelligence and knowledge.
(based on Peter F. Drucker)


At iNUX Meyer & Partner, we consider in everything we do for you the whole picture and give you interdisciplinary advice.

Our services in the field of management consulting include, inter alia:

  • Strategy and Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Controlling Systems

In this field the transitions to other consulting areas, particularly IT, operational excellence, processes, restructuring and governance, risk, compliance are fluent.

We do pay particular attention to the effective use of resources. Here, we base ourselves on the Pareto approach. The implementation of this principle in practice often encounters the obstacle that the resources are improperly distributed: Ineffective tasks are covered with too many, and powerful tasks systematically with insufficient resources. This results in a lack of transparency and subsidises less promising activities.

We at iNUX Meyer & Partner do combine this also as 80/20 rule known approach with the advantages of the effective use of resources and a continuous improvement process.